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Application review
Fill out the application form ;
HALAL EXPERTISE sends a confirmation of your request and informs you about the procedure.
Acceptance of the contract
A convention between the parties is signed, which determines the contract duration, the rules to follow, the delivery mode of the Halal certificates (by badge, yearly) and the fee;
Invoice is issued.
Provide Info
Provide the necessary information
List of raw materials used and their supporting documents
Process manufacturing (flow chart).
Cleaning and disinfection agents used in the production line
Lubricants H1 used in the production line

Documentation Review
if no remarks : next step
if non-conformities observed in the documentation, Halal Expertise proposes to find alternatives
Plant Audit
A plant audit is organized in order to evaluate the Halal production process. The audit report is sent within 4 days. If the certification is recommended by the auditor, the Halal certificate is issued after the review and decision processes.

The verification and certification are undertaken in full compliance with guidelines CAC/GL 24-1997 (Codex Alimentarius) and follow the main Halal guidelines and Halal standards in the world. Our organization also refers to ISO17065 standard— Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services. We also work with ISO 17025 certified laboratories (for samples taken during plant audit).