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HALAL EXPERTISE ASBL was registered in Brussels, Belgium, in the year 2011, as a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the institution of Halal. HALAL EXPERTISE is a technical and religious organization operating throughout Europe.

HALAL EXPERTISE - The Halal Certificate Company of Europe

We Are Experts

Our team consists of freelance or volunteer experts in fields as varied as food technology, agronomy, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacy, Islamic law, and quality management.Our auditors are qualified and competent, they regularly attend specialized training.

Halal Expertise Is Social

HALAL EXPERTISE collaborates with various non-profit organizations that support Muslims and non-Muslims in need.The distribution of food parcels or the preparation of halal meals are the current projects supported by HALAL EXPERTISE.If you want to support our social projects financially or if you want to offer halal products to underprivileged families, do not hesitate to contact us.

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