Social projects


Halal Expertise works with different non-profit organisations supporting Muslims and non Muslims people living in poverty in Belgium.

Food parcels distribution or halal meals preparation are the common projects supported by HALAL EXPERTISE.


If you want to support financially our social projects or if you want to offer Halal products to underprivileged families, don't hesitate to contact us.


All amount received for social projects is distributed in its entirety to non-profit organisations or directly to underprivileged families (a report is sent to the donor with all information).   



Halal Awareness Campaign


Halal Expertise is working in different projects related to Halal awareness to companies or to Muslim and Non-Muslims (ex : travelling exhibition on Halal awareness, Halal is Healthy campaign, ...). 
Announcement : 

Students or trainees of higher or university education ?  Do you want to get involved in the many projects we are developing, such as the holding of international conferences, the hosting of foreign delegations, the promotion of the Halal concept, the setting up of humanitarian projects or the contribution to the drafting of this website ? Do not hesitate to send us your resume by email to contact@halalexpertise.be