Halal  Certification Procedure

Apply for 

Halal Certification  online !

Request for Halal Certification

- Fill out the application form

- HALAL EXPERTISE sends a confirmation of your request and informs you about the procedure. 

Study of your certification request

- if no remarks : next step

- if non-conformities observed in the documentation, Halal Expertise proposes corrective actions   (for example : find an alternative for an ingredient).  

Provide the necessary information

- List of ingredients (ingredients, foood additives and processing aids) used to manufacture your   products and the fabrication process (flow chart).  
- Products and cleaning agents used in your machinery.
- Characteristics of the warehouse (storage of raw material and final products).

Acceptance of the contract

A convention between the parties is signed, which determines the contract duration, the rules to follow, the delivery mode of the Halal certificates (by badge, yearly) and the amount of the service. 


Audit on site

The audit will confirm the elements that have been verified previously. The audit report is sent within 3 days.  If the certification is recommended by the auditor, the Halal certificate is issued.  



Ingredients classification

The ingredients are classified into 4 groups: 

Group A

The ingredient (food additive or processing aid) is accepted as such (considered Halal without documentation). 

Group C

Halal certificate is required (doubtful ingredients, meat, ...).   

Group B

Additional information is requested (technical specifications, Halal statement).

Group D

The ingredient is not accepted and can not enter into a process of Halal certification (an alternative must be found). 

The verification and certification are undertaken in full compliance with guidelines CAC/GL 24-1997 (Codex Alimentarius) and follow the main Halal guidelines and Halal standards in the world.