Halal certificate issued by Halal Expertise

The verification and certification are undertaken in full compliance with guidelines CAC/GL 24-1997 (Codex Alimentarius) and follow the main Halal guidelines and Halal standards in the world.

The 4 Sunny Schools of Islamic Thought (Madhahib).   Asked by some countries like Turkey.  For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

Registration number of Halal Expertise (according the belgian law)

Certificate number : company code + 6 numbers

List of certified products

Name and signature of the person authorized to sign.


Date of issue 

Expiry date

Stamp of Halal Expertise (logo)

Company name and address (seat)

Company name and address (plant)

More information concerning a Halal certificate issued ?

Contact us at : contact@halalexpertise.com


Only for :

-Products which do not contain any ingredients and processing aids of animal origin (insect included).

-Products which do not contain alcohol (ethanol) and alcohol has not been used in the manufacturing process.

-Company dedicated to produce only Halal products.